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myCloudWatcher provides Managed Cloud Hosting today.

We provide Cloud Deployment support that transitions into 24x7x365 Monitoring, Alerts, and Escalations for the life cycle of your projects.

myCloudWatcher implements “Best Practice” back-up solutions for your projects, including on-going challenges to your back-up systems.

Our team of Cloud Computing veterans, Cloud Specialists and DBA’s are available by phone. We manage your outside services such as ProjectLocker, New Relic, DNS Made Easy, GoDaddy. We provide convenient consolidated billing of cloud services, including DNS, CERTs, AWS, RackSpace, Monitoring, and API; we also manage your renewals. myCloudWatcher has the advantage of seeing the broad landscape: millions of users, thousands of servers, hundreds of projects....Visualize the trend.

MongoDB: It's Not Just About Big Data

I just watched this great Video about MongoDB and wanted to share this link with you. He does a great job of explaining what MongoDB does and does not do. I feel this is time well spent viewing:

MongoSF - MongoDB Meeting in SF

Last week I was in SF at the MongoDB meeting. myCloudWatcher was a Sponsor of the show.

This show was the great way to meet with the over 800 people that attended the gathering and talk to the users and developers of MongoDB. I had a great chat with the developers about a few questions while stuffing Swag Bags. David Mytton gave out USB drives pre-loaded with 1.8 and a few extra PDF files to everyone. Take a peek at the Server Density USB Man:

SQL and NOSQL we need both for most Deployments

As the use of the Internet grows many of the data storage and persistent needs of the projects are getting larger and larger.

I have read many post about the NO-SQL solutions and I have started to use MongoDB for several of my NO-SQL Deployments.

But we need to keep a sharp watch out for the correct tools for the jobs we have to solve. Some times a true Relational Database is the correct solution. Some times it is not and a fully de-normalized solution works better.

What are the indicators and how do you pick?

AWS is now FREE

Can the cost of AWS Cloud Services get any lower?

I guess the next step is for AWS to pay you to use the EC2 servers!

Yes, you hear me right, AWS has started a FREE level of servers in the Cloud. You can now LAUNCH a server in the AWS Cloud for FREE for one whole year.

Read here:

If you need help just call!

Please call any time:
Cell:   +1-916-202-1600
Skype:  EdwardMGoldberg

myCloudWatcher is now a Sponsor of CloudCamp

myCloudWatcher is now a Sponsor of CloudCamp, as we grow the project I have started to add the Logo to many services and Partners I have selected for my clients.

CloudCamp has for a very long time been a key part of the Cloud Ecosystem. If you have time to come to one of the many CloudCamp meeting, please some and contribute.

Here is the link to the list of meetings planned.

myCloudWatcher Provides Managed Cloud Hosting Today

The myCloudWatcher Service provides Managed Cloud Hosting Today.

This service aggregates all of your alerts and bills into one service.

We focus your team on the root cause of alerts to provide fast Disaster Recovery.

The Life Cycle of your project will be managed from: Deployment, to Live Service and then "End of Service" clean up.

The myCloudWatcher service was born from the need for Projects to be Deployed in the Clouds. It took on the name myCloudWatcher when we realized that this task does not end with Deployment. It is important to monitor and evaluate trends to avoid down time.

Today our Clients get the benefits of the "Big Picture" that myCloudWatcher's sees from the thousands of servers we mange today.

DNS Made Easy Rocks!!!

Most of the time when we see a massive failure of a DNS Provider we see posts about how awful things happened. What I am about to say is a very different story.

DNS Made Easy was the target of a massive Denial of Service ( DOS ) Attack.

An attack that would have taken down any service. They did a great job of handling and supporting the users. The service was restored as fast as possible. What a great team. DNS Made Easy did a fantastic job.

New RightScale Striped EBS Volume MySQL V2 Templates

New RightScale Striped EBS Volume MySQL V2 Templates

The new mySQL Template that RightScale calls "V2" takes all of the great features of the basic V1 RightScale MySQL EBS server template and provides a disk interface with RAID-0 EBS Stripes.

Let me provide a bit of background for readers that might ask;

Why stripe EBS?

What do you have to gain?

RDS - Time to pick a Database Solution

For a Database to be High Availability (HA) you have to have a good way to monitor the whole system health. RDS is a bit hands off in that area. With good design a dedicated Database server can be monitored in great detail.

When you run a "Stand Alone" or "Dedicated Server" as a MySql Database Instance you get to see more information about the servers health.

This is what my service is all about. I provide WaaS or Watching as a Service.

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