RDS - Time to pick a Database Solution

For a Database to be High Availability (HA) you have to have a good way to monitor the whole system health. RDS is a bit hands off in that area. With good design a dedicated Database server can be monitored in great detail.

When you run a "Stand Alone" or "Dedicated Server" as a MySql Database Instance you get to see more information about the servers health.

This is what my service http://myCloudWatcher.com/ is all about. I provide WaaS or Watching as a Service.
myCloudWatcher had found a few ways to keep track of the health of RDS. But at no where near the detail I can for CentOS Based Persona 5.1 EBS MySql servers.

I would recommend for most users to just launch a server and run MySql, if you know how to manage a Unix Server. The backups is the hard part.

I would recommend RDS to Database users that are only comfortable with SQL as a service and want to leave the details to experts. Just remember that you have traded away lots of flexibility.

Some of the time this site runs on RDS! I have been experimenting with various solutions.

Edward M. Goldberg