Cloud Deployment Visualization

We talk a lot about the management of servers in Cloud Deployments but the real fact is that what we need is visual model of the servers we have just deployed to help us wrap out minds around the whole idea of Cloud Computing.

In my work at myCloudWatcher I have found that a nice one page slide that explains the deployment tends to be the focus of meeting and decisions.

Tools like RightScale provide many Configuration Management Tools that help manage Life Cycle Events in the Cloud. They also help us see what we are doing. The layout of the screens are very important.

If we could just walk into the Server Room and see the racks of servers we could some how understand what we have deployed. OK scratch that, today blades all look the same. The server room just looks like a bunch of wires and lights that blink. Even in a Hard Deployment we still need Visualization tools to help us map the hardware to out Deployment Model.

When I Deploy Projects on Cloud Servers the most important step is the selection of names.

Names for:

Security Groups
DNS names
The list goes on and on…

To get ready for the Cloud take a moment and create a Visual Tool that helps you see the tasks that are needed to Deploy your project.