Cloud Computing has Special DNS Needs

The whole topic of DNS is a very interesting and complex one.
When you start using a name for your business you have to let people know about your address.
DNS is exactly the same for the Internet.

Your Domain Name provides the starting point for users to see your site.
The next step is to translate that "name" into an Internet Address (or pointer).

The Domain Name Service is how this translation or "look up" is performed.

So far all I have talked about is the general "How To" for DNS.

So what are these Special Needs of the Cloud?

When you start adjusting the servers that are supporting your site in a more agile or dynamic way, the need for Dynamic DNS that has a solid API becomes an important tool.

It is great to have the Cloud to Launch new servers to meet demands, but if you have to log into the DNS server and adjust the A Record by hand, it is hard to call this Auto-Anything.

With a Dynamic DNS Service that provides an API to adjust the IP values of A Records you can start and stop servers and adjust the IP values in your scripts.

It would be great to be able to add and delete A Records also.
But today we have to be content with IP updates.

If you know of a DNS serves that have more features that "Enable the Cloud" please step forward and comment. For the Cloud to grow we need to make our needs known.

My wish List for a DNS API would be:

* Auto Fail-over with lots of options and alerts.
* Add and Delete A Records with the API
* Wild Card API DNS Record Fetch, to get lists of servers
* A Records for "non-route-able" addresses.

Please send me your wish list...

Edward M. Goldberg